Interim IT Leadership & Oversight

As Interim CIO, we typically provide the following services:

  • Regular IT Oversight
  • Align IT with the Business so they proceed on the same path
  • Regular Communications with Business Executives to inform our work and get feedback
  • Oversee IT Projects for success
  • Institute Digital Transformation initiatives

This service grew out of an ERP assessment project.  Initially we were asked to assess and replace the company’s ERP system.  The present ERP system was working against the company instead of supporting it.  We suggested re-implementation rather than replacement and was subsequently asked to oversee the re-implementation project. 

As part of the re-implementation, we were also asked to assume the role of Interim CIO and manage the company’s IT resources.  In this connection, we evaluated other IT needs.  We introduced several subsystems including a new reporting tool to assist operations and accounting, a new quality control system and a new document management system.  Finding documents was an ongoing challenge for the company.  We evaluated a number of cloud based project management tools to assist the R&D department managing its R&D projects.

We implemented an infrastructure refresh policy, contracted with a new outsource technical support firm and instituted a redundant backup infrastructure giving the company two operating environments at only a modest additional cost.  We worked extensively with Production Scheduling and Accounting to improve their access to and use of data.  This eliminated a number of conflicting practices that were instituted to ensure on-time delivery.  In fact, they actually did exactly the opposite. 

In our capacity as Interim CIO, we also instituted regular IT and project reporting to the company’s CFO and the company’s Board of Directors.  The duration of the project was just shy of 2 years.