ERP Guidance

We know ERP software and can guide you through the difficult and expensive decisions associated with fixing or replacing your current ERP system.  We have been involved in the selection, implementation, troubleshooting, customization, repair and replacement of ERP systems for over 30 years.  Also, we teach comparative ERP systems at UCLA Extension and began an ERP failure litigation support practice six years ago.

If you have outgrown your current ERP system, if it is old, if significant features are missing from it, if it is “broken”, this may be the time to consider your alternatives. 

We begin by assessing your current system and its shortcomings.  If replacement appears to be the best choice, we contact potential vendors on your behalf, arrange for demonstrations of potential systems using your data and guide you through the acquisition of a new system.  An important aspect of the acquisition process is knowing which parts are negotiable; this might be surprising.

If the assessment concludes that fixing and/or enhancing your current system is the best option, we guide you through troubleshooting and resolving the existing issues and manage the repair and/or enhancement processes.  We have resolved situations where business practice changes and system changes have piled up over time making the current process counterproductive.  Extensive repairs may require re-implementation.  The good news is that resolving these situations will be much less expensive than acquiring and implementing a new system.  Re-implementation allows the business to capitalize on its accumulated knowledge of the current system instead of making everyone learn a new system.

Our goal is to get the business to a position where its ERP system is functioning in a manner that supports, aligns with and enhances the business’ operations.

While ERP systems refer to a specific genera of software, the  guidance identified above applies equally to similar business software, such as CRM, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Production Scheduling, Field Support, Project Management and Project Accounting software and others.

Regardless of your specific situation, we can advise you on available choices and suggest your best course of action based on your specific situation.